Blind Cord Safety Winders (6Pk)


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Blind Cord Baby Safety Winders

When your baby becomes a toddler, it’s time for them to explore their surroundings and home safety becomes a priority. The Blind Cord Winders wind up excess cord and help to keep dangling cords out of your child’s reach. Easy to use and winders do not interfere with use of blinds.

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Our Blind Cord Baby Safety Winders

  • Protects from the dangers of dangling cords
  • Multipack includes 6
  • Are easy & quick to install
  • Do not interfere with blinds.

Pack Contains 6 Blind Cord Baby Safety Winders.


1. Pull apart/separate the top and bottom of the lock.
2. Place the loop end of the cord over the middle pin or half way up the cord between the two internal pins.
3. Line the external cord(s) up with the open notches and firmly push the top and bottom pieces together.
4. Then holding the larger part of the unit firmly, twist the small piece clockwise to shorten the cord.
5. To unwind, hold the larger part of the unit firmly and twist the smaller part anti-clockwise.
6. Remove the cord wind up by squeezing the large unit gently and pulling the unit apart.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Although this product has been manufactured according to all safety standards and requirements, we need your help in order to keep your child safe and failure to follow these instructions for use may cause serious injury to your child.

Remember: When baby turns to toddler they become an Expert Explorer and it is important that they should never be left without adult supervision. This product is only a safety aid and you should discontinue use when your child is able to remove, open or operate this or any safety product.